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Jessie helped me accept myself and see that I was this great person all long.

My outcomes from Fierce Grace were beyond my expectations. I learned to recognize the triggers that set me off, and how to avoid that toxic cycle. At times, I was lashing out with impatience, and regretting it. I just felt unbalanced, worried, and at times, filled with shame. I was ready for a change and Fierce Grace gave me the courage to see that I had what I needed inside me all along, but I had to stop sabotaging myself. I had to be kind to myself, prioritize my needs, and love myself enough do what was necessary to change.

- Sarah S

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Jessie has an extraordinary willingness to give from a place of 100% aligned authenticity, integrity, and love.

Jessie is fierce grace for a reason. She will hold up the mirror and challenge you but it’s not just to accomplish a measurable outcome; it’s to BE your highest self, the superhero, who boldly lives her God-given purpose and creates a healing ripple effect.

Jessie will go there with you – anywhere, to any depth. She won’t forget about you. She SEEs you and gives you hope that you were made for more and can indeed have it. She blends laser sharp coaching and communication skills with a depth of feeling that reveals distinctions and the missing pieces you need to heal and expand. Simply put, there is no other Jessie. She’s the Spirit Guide of a lifetime!.

- Stacey S

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